A domestic species from the North American Region, also known as Nootka Cypress. Hardest of the cedar species. Suitable for interior and exterior applications. Excellent decking, cladding, and soffit material. Naturally rot resistant, our material is kiln dried, making it very stable and not likely to twist or warp. Recommended to be finished for exterior use. Light yellow in color.

Swatch Sample for Seal Once Clear Wood Finish

Available Wood Tints

SEAL-ONCE® offers a full line of rich Semi-Transparent Wood Tints that preserve and enhance the natural beauty of wood while protecting it from harmful UV rays. The UV blockers present in our tints prevent graying and nano-sized pigments penetrate the surface for a longer lasting, more durable color.

SEAL-ONCE Data Sheet

Swatch Sample for Seal Once Clear Wood Finish
Swatch Sample for Seal Once Light Brown Wood Finish
Light Brown
Swatch Sample for Seal Once Brown Wood Finish
Swatch Sample for Seal Once Mahogany Wood Finish
Swatch Sample for Seal Once Redwood Wood Finish
Swatch Sample for Seal Once Bronze Cedar Wood Finish
Bronze Cedar
Swatch Sample for Seal Once Black Wood Finish
Swatch Sample for Seal Once Coastal Gray Wood Finish
Coastal Gray

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For Interior Use Only - Please Read The Following

Important Information on SEAL ONCE

Wood Haven makes no warranty on the color of wood species as there are many variations.

Color of wood within each species can vary dramatically. The use of light play on natural wood enhances that variation of color and grain that only natural wood can provide.

We encourage you to look over our species collection online as well as the samples we send so you have an understanding of the color and variations you may receive.

Over time, most boards may grey out to a similar shade if given the same exposure to light and water. Finishing with a tinted finish, that provides a base of UV protection may even out variations to some degree.

Finishing and maintenance on exterior wood siding and decking is always a question that should be addressed. We are here to help you make a great choice.

Seal Once “Clear” – will add some waterproofing to the wood, a good idea on softer, more absorbent species like Cedar and Redwood, but it will not maintain the color for any length of time. There is no tint to provide UV protection so wood will grey out under the finish fairly quickly.

Seal Once uses some of the best technology in the finishing business. The finish is waterborne, has virtually no odor, extremely low toxicity and penetrates into even the hardest species better than any other product we have ever tested. Yet, it still has a 20% solids content. The poly resins are so finely dispersed that the water surrounding them floats them with little increase in viscosity. This allows the resins to get carried into the wood deeper than most finishing products. This is important because finishes which lay only on the top surface only do not last long. There has to be some deep-down bonding of the resins with the wood fibers. We suggest 2-3 coats. The additional coats leave a thin but durable barrier on the surface that reflect UV rays and water. The results are lasting and create a stunning result.

Depending on the species chosen we recommend multiple coats before install and a last coat after installation to give the very best results. ( Giving the difficulty of installing prefinished material in the field without scuffing or scratching. ) We may recommend that you plan on a final coat after installation to cover up anything that might have happened during the install.

To learn more about Seal Once visit www.seal-once.com

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