Shou Sugi Ban (Charred Wood)

A unique design aesthetic for our Grad System Cladding

Accoya Full Charred with The Grad

Douglas Fir Burn and Brush with The Grad Clip System

Cypress Shou Sugi Ban


Accoya Shou Sugi Ban

Douglas Fir Burn and Brush

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Standard Tight Knot Burn and Brushed Shou Sugi Ban

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Standard Tight Knot Burn and Brushed

Wood Haven has expanded our line of Grad System cladding to include Shou Sugi Ban (Charred Wood)! With its dramatic dark color and varying textures it provides a unique design aesthetic.

Our exclusive Grad system minimizes handling and eliminates screws and nails that mar the appearance of your cladding. This cutting edge system allows for up to 70% faster installation without sacrificing visual appeal, a win for clients and installers alike. No exposed fasteners or nicked up surfaces, a true rainscreen wall cladding system, and the high quality Wood Haven is known for make our Shou Sugi Ban truly unique. Nothing goes up faster or looks better!

We offer Burn and Brush char; and all of our Shou Sugi Ban is sealed before it goes out to provide protection against the elements, ensuring the carbon layer will not flake off or fade over time. This results in an aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly, and long-lasting product that can be used for an array of cladding applications.

Our Shou Sugi Ban products are not limited the traditional Cedar. We also offer several domestic and modified species that can be FSC certified, giving you an advantage when aiming for sustainable materials for your project.

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