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Wood Haven Inc. is a specialty exterior wood cladding and custom millwork shop located in the heart of the U.S. We are dedicated to providing the best in exterior wood cladding and the correct fasteners to install it quickly and beautifully. Our flagship product, The Rainscren Clip™ System, has been used on some of the most prestigious and award-winning buildings in the country, large and small. We continually strive to improve the products we offer and develop new and better ways to clad buildings with wood. The original Wood Haven Rainscreen Clip™ System was the first and is still the most complete wood cladding hidden-fastener system on the market. One of the most challenging aspects in construction these days is installation time. When you compare the advantage the Rainscreen Clip System with the predrilled furring strips or our new system with the Grad Clips System gives you the savings are significant. In many instances the install time is half as much as our competitors and that can amount to as much as the cost of the system itself.  With union labor running over $50 per hour do the math. When you figure install time as part of the costing equation our systems are the least expensive out there.

Rainscreen Clip

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The original Wood Haven Rainscreen Clip™  System was the first and is still the most complete wood cladding hidden-fastener system on the market.  In keeping with the tradition of offering the best in hidden-fastener systems, our newest attachment system, the GRAD-system, is as novel as it is functional and will cut your installation time in half.

Rainscreen Clip
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Here are some of the latest examples of how Wood Haven products turned architect and builder visions into stunning realities.